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We are an IT-company specializing in the implementation of ERP systems. Among the leading activities of the company - Web-development and support of CRM-systems.

Stra tegy

The peculiarity of the leader is the simplicity and clarity of plans, combinations and decisions that he came to

A key component of the transformation is the focus on digital strategy. We provide all the necessary support during your project. Through regular seminars, brainstorming and exchange of ideas, we help transform your original idea into an innovative digital solution.

Our values

Individual approach

We guarantee a unique approach to everyone.

The team of professionals provides only high-quality, proven by their own experience practices to achieve the expected result.

Innovative solutions

Innovation is an integral part of modern business.

Advanced technologies in the field of development and implementation of ERP and Bitrix systems, Web technologies, and any other innovations - all this is within the power of our team.

Work on the result

Your success is our common goal!

ERP-systems are a reliable software product for business automation. High-quality Web-site and Bitrix-type systems - helpers in achieving high results!


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BAS systems

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BAS Управління холдингом

Web and SEO

Creation and optimization

Web Development

Web design


Business Intelligence

Data analysis

Comprehensive analysis

"Smart reports"

Analytical infrastructure

Technical support

Sales and implementation


Bug fixes

Information support


Remote support


Ser vices

We create effective tools for your innovations

Experience and deep understanding of business models of enterprises of various directions and types of activity will help to quickly and effectively implement any business process management system in the enterprise. We are ready to adapt any software solutions to your needs.

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Think Big, Dream Big, but
Start Small
Throughout the project, we act as a continuation of your team. Therefore, being in the same team, we do everything for the common success, transparency and quality.
Oleksandr Hontar

As Managing Director, Alexander is responsible for daily and new business operations and account management, making him the first point of contact for new projects. With a background in digital products, Alexander uses his thinking skills to help you bring your project to life. He is also ready for any question related to the operation of business management systems.

Development department
Our Developers

The team of developers is ready to see any projects. Mayuchi behind the shoulders of a promising admission, the smell is clear that in the lines vikonuyut sent by analysts and consultants of the problem.

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